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Saturday, June 07, 2014 - 05:07 AM UTC
Fantastic Plastic has released a 1/72 resin Experimental Reentry Vehicle (XRV) from the 1969 Sci-Fi drama "Marooned."

"The XRV (Experimental Re-Entry Vehicle) was an experimental lifting body-style spacecraft featured in the 1969 sci-fi drama "Marooned," based on the Martin Caiden novel of the same name. Modeled after actual lifting body designs being developed at the time, the XRV was intended to be a one-man test vehicle, but was quickly outfitted to carry four (including the pilot) when the Apollo-era Ironman One spacecraft got marooned in orbit after its retro rockets failed to fire.

"In the film, the XRV was launched into orbit aboard a Titan III-C rocket through the eye of a hurricane that was battering Cape Canaveral..

"Kit consists of:

Scale: 1:72
Number of Pieces: 17
Pattern: Chris Corke
Casting: Blap! Models
Decals by JBOT

"To reserve your copy, email FantasticPlast@aol.com.

"For more information, click the URL below:


Photos and text are from Fantastic Plastic and are used with permission.

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