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Revell (USA) has recently announced the forthcoming release of five new (albeit SnapTite®) Star Wars kits.
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Fantastic Plastic Models stays on the cutting edge of Sci-Fi modeling in the Star Wars genre. Releasing old and new subjects across the Star Wars Tilogy
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Brand new release from GDC Dreams & TRIFON Miniatures:
The Neb:
Sci-Fi garage kit (limited edition) - Scale: 1/140 (20'')
What a design. Buck Rogers had some far fetched ships in its series. Here is a new one from Fantastic Plastic Models.
This is a great kit introduction. The headquarters vessel for President Laura Roslyn in Battlestar Galactica.
Recently there was news about Revell releasing Battlestar Galactica kits. Here is an update via CultTVMan
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Delta Quadrant plans to have two kits in development ready for this year's Wonderfest Hobby Expo in Kentucky. One new kit is nearly ready for taking orders.