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Universal Power Pack
Universal Power Pack
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Originally published on:
RailRoad Modeling

Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc. has released a new Universal Power Pack, item 0313. Released in February 2015, it is optimized for HO and N scale motive power.

Universal Power Pack
This new power pack is packed in an attractive tab-end box. Inside the components are sealed in poly bags and further protected by their own card boxes and partitions.

The components are the power pack, the power cord, and braided core wires to connect the power pack to the track.

Transformer Power Features:

Input 120 Volts AC 60Hz 24 Watts
Output 16 Volts DC 1000mA 16VA

Throttle Control Features:

On/Off function with illuminated power light
Auto recovery circuit breaker
Dual direction switch
CSA Certified
Separate accessory wire inputs
No pulse power to damage precision motors
Spring loaded terminal wire grabs, no screw driver needed

test track
The power pack was unpacked and attached to my test track in less than 3 minutes. The spring loaded terminal wire grabs are a great feature that allowed the pack to quickly attach to the track terminal wires. There are no directions.

The unit has a separate power core that plugs in the your outlet and into the back of the power pack. I appreciate this as there is no cord permanently attached to worry about constricting if the unit is stored.

The braided core black and red wires are nice. However, for the purpose of hooking the unit to my track, I used the wires already attached to the track.

The pack is OFF when the rheostat is positioned with the power light at the bottom. An easy twist past a dead-stop and the power light illuminates, and your train can run. The power is more than enough to exceed prototype speed, except for perhaps a Bullet Train!

To reverse directions, a recessed slide switch with a raised finger grip is pushed side to side. It is tightly anchored to avoid accidental tripping the direction to the wrong way. It moves with a crisp snap.

I didn't ground out the locomotive so I can not vouch for the Auto Recovery Circuit Breaker; if I did trip it, it auto recovered as advertised!

I did not measure power output with any electrical test equipment other than the locomotive. The loco did not fry.

Atlas molded the case in a pleasant medium gray color. This compact Universal Power Pack looks good and operates satisfactorily. Everything in in the box and you need no tools to set it up. The spring loaded terminal wire grabs expedite the process.

I can think of no drawbacks of this unit. It is intended to be a simple starter power pack and it works just fine.

Thanks to Atlas for providing this Universal Power Pack for review. Please tell them and retailers that you saw it here - on RailRoad Modeling.

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Highs: This compact Universal Power Pack looks good and operates satisfactorily. The spring loaded terminal wire grabs expedite the process.
Lows: I can think of no drawbacks of this unit.
Verdict: It is intended to be a simple starter power pack and it works just fine.
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: 0313
  Suggested Retail: $56.95
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  PUBLISHED: May 04, 2015

Our Thanks to Atlas Model Railroad!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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