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In-Box Review
Soviet soldier Kneeling, Rifle
Soviet soldier, WWII
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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Soviet soldier, WWII by Armor35 is a 1/35 resin kneeling soldier firing a carbine. It is item 35148 and part of a series of three figures representing a field officer in a gun fight (General Nikolai Fedorovich Vatutin?):
    ARM35146 Soviet general, WWII
    ARM35147 Soviet officer, WWII

This new trio of figures are posed "in action". While each figure is boxed separately and can find its own place in a collection or diorama, one can easily set them combined into an ambush or other firefight scene. Armor35 box art shows a soviet GAZ-M1 staff car in the background; several 1/35 Russian staff and command cars are now available from various companies.

Soviet soldier, Kneeling, Rifle
This 1/35 resin figure is cast in gray resin. Casting is high-quality with no flaws and only almost imperceptible bits of flash - so small that I only noticed it under magnification. Casting is very sharp and crisp.

Anishchenko Dmitriy sculpted this figure. It is in a fighting pose with natural looking weight distribution. The body parts are proportional.

The model consists of three pieces:

* Kneeling body
* Left arm sans hand (The hand is cast on the stock of the firearm.)
* Right arm shouldering weapon

My only gripe is that the parts are attached to pour blocks with fairly hefty connectors. These will require care to 'de-sprue' lest the figure is damaged.

Seams and stitching show up well. Much detail is worked into the uniform and clothing. The faces have defined features.

The figure is dressed in the M35 Gymnasterka cotton soviet tunic and the breech-style pants with tall boots. Plenty of seams and buttons. He wields a Mosin Nagant Model 1938 Carbine. Two ammunition pouches are on his right hip and a flyaga canteen is at his back. A field cap covers his head. Rank tabs are pronounced on the collar.

Facial details are exceptional.

The Model 1938 Carbine is also very detailed, as are the hands that grip it.

Assembly is easy. Most of the parts fit without need for filler.

Instructions and painting guidance
None. Refer to the box art.

"Soviet soldier, Kneeling, Rifle" is a beautifully detailed and cast figure of a soviet soldier in a combat stance. Whether one chooses to display it solo, incorporate it into a larger scene, or create the scene Armor35 offers with the associated figures and a car, molders of Red Army should be very happy with Soviet soldier, WWII.

The model is sharply cast and features exceptional facial detail and uniform detail.

My only low are the hefty connectors that will require care to 'de-sprue' lest the figure is damaged.

Dioramaists and figure modelers of The Great Patriotic War should appreciate this model.

Please remember to tell vendors and retailers that you saw these here - on ARMORAMA.
Highs: Sharply cast in a fighting position. Exceptional facial detail and uniform detail.
Lows: Parts are attached to pour blocks with fairly hefty connectors. These will require care to 'de-sprue' lest the figure is damaged.
Verdict: Dioramaists and figure modelers of The Great Patriotic War should appreciate this model and find many uses for it.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35148
  Suggested Retail: 540₽, $7.25
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 29, 2016

Our Thanks to Armor 35!
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