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First Look Review
Mercedes-Benz Antos
Mercedes-Benz Antos M Rigid Tractor
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

Antos is the new heavy-duty semi tractor from Mercedes-Benz. Antos are a brand new series of models from Herpa including this Mercedes-Benz Antos M Rigid Tractor.

Mercedes-Benz Antos M Rigid Tractor
Item: 301459
Collection: CARS&TRUCKS
Brochure: Herpa Cars & Trucks 2012 / 11-12
Series: Antos

Antos was developed as a semi and as a rigid truck, both offering multiple axle configurations, and other modular options. Smaller than the parallel developed heavy Actros, Antos is categorized as LKW, Lastkraftwagen , a heavy-duty truck designed for short distances. Herpa will release this model in many configurations.
    The Antos truck is a commercial vehicle manufactured by the Mercedes-Benz. It was announced in May 2012 with a formal launch scheduled for September 2012. The Antos is available as either a platform trucks or tractor units with the different axle spacing choices, and weights up to 18t. The Antos is available with a range of 13 power options from 175 kW (238 PS; 235 bhp) to 375 kW (510 PS; 503 bhp), all with Euro VI compliant 6-cylinder engines in three sizes: the OM 936 with 7.7 L, the OM 470 with 10.7 L, and the OM 471 with 12.8 L.[1]

Six cab designs are available in S and M styles. The M is for medium duration trips.

    The ClassicSpace M-cab with a 170 mm high engine tunnel, exterior width of 2300 mm and length of 2000 mm provides a solution for practically every type of application. It has more stowage space than the ClassicSpace S-cab, and can be fitted with a bunk, thereby offering extra comfort for longer runs.[2]

Herpa M-B Antos M rigid tractor
Herpa debuted the Antos as their cover story Der Kleine Bruder (The little brother) in the August 2012 issue of DER MASS:STAB. Currently Herpa lists four Antos in their catalog. This model is almost fully assembled and packed in a light plastic form-fitted tray. Indentations hold a bagged sprue of optional separate mirrors. The tray is secured in a light cardboard box with a cellophane display window and opening ends. One end displays a metallic holographic license label by Daimler.

The molding is almost flawless. The exterior of the cab features fine recessed lines for doors and panels. Door handles are flush and are the tabs that hold the cab interior in the cab shell. Cab components are molded in both glossy and satin parts. The cab superstructure sets upon a detailed two-axle chassis. The windshield and windows are free of distortion and you can see the nice interior. It is worth popping the cab off to see the interior. Clear lenses simulate the headlights and brake lights. Soft tires mounted on detailed hubs support the model. The front wheels can be made to steer if you use Herpa’s extra steering set. Herpa engineered the soft plastic tires to slip over the rims. The underbody is very well done, especially under the fifth wheel. It even has a spare tire!

Herpa created a detailed model of the chassis: gearbox, frame, fuel tanks, differential, air tanks, axles, springs and suspension. The front axle can be made to steer if you buy Herpa’s steering kit. Clear lenses simulate the headlights and brake lights; it is interesting that Herpa uses thin chrome strips behind the headlight lenses to simulate the actual lamps. Inside of the cab is detail worth popping the cab off for, so I did: bucket seats, rear bunk, the steering wheel, console, stick shift, and dashboard detailing.

The windshield wipers are part of the combing around the windshield. Holes and a slot are molded into the cab and doors to mount the optional side view mirrors and corner mirrors. Although the mirrors are delicate, it is a simple process.

Perched over the windshield like a determined brooding brow is a separately attached sun visor. You can detail the cab with the four optional mirrors. Attaching these small mirrors has challenged me on other Herpa trucks although these four go on tight and easy.

Revved up!
A well detailed 6-cylinder engine and radiator part is nestled under the cab. The rear peaks out teasingly from under the cab. Many of their models are made with cabs that tilt to show off the engine. Not this one. Unfortunately Herpa made it impossible to see without disassembling the model. Steps to take it apart are not obvious. First you have to remove the tight fitting lower bumper / grille, and the trim below the windshield. Then you have to disengage the tiny plastic tabs of the cab superstructure from slots in the frame. You also have to remove the M-B star emblem from the grille. Then the can lifts off the frame to expose the engine. However, the piece the cab tabs fit into is held to the main from by pegs in the engine, both of which came off with the removal of the cab. Reassembly comprised of snapping the engine back into the frame through the cab foundation part, then snapping the cab back on. It looks to me like the front of the cab have the molded round part that fits into rounded receptacles that allow the cab to tilt forward on other Herpa truck but, I could not make this cab tilt. It seems that big face binds with the lower part of the structure. If Herpa intends for this cab to tilt, they should include instructions for the process, as Herpa has done with other models.

Finish and Markings
Herpa made the model components with three colors: blue, black, and silver. The blau / blue plastic cab is molded glossy smooth and has quite a reflective shine. Atop the cab is a hatch with slight texture that dulls it slightly. Black skirting, and silver decking and tanks complete the parts. Photos of the real vehicle show the silver to be chrome while the plastic parts are dull. However the wheel hubs look brighter and shinier. Perhaps Herpa has a detail accessory set with chromed parts, otherwise they should be easy to touch up with chrome paint. No markings are on this truck other than the Mercedes-Benz symbol and the vehicle name. These are chromed. If you want to pull out the M-B hood ornament be aware that the chrome is delicate and easy to rub away.

Hittin’ the Autobahn
Overall I think this is a great HO Antos. It has a high level of well molded detail. The smooth finish is impressive. The lenses for lights are very realistic. My only criticism is the lack of guidance to expose the nicely detailed engine -- trial and error can be more error and damage the model.

Herpa has released a beautiful scale Antos that I recommend to HO / 1/87 modelers and collectors and dioramaists of modern heavy duty semis.


[1]. Wikipedia. Mercedes-Benz Antos. [Web.] 3 July 2012.
[2]. Mercedes-Benz.co.uk. ClassicSpace M-cab. [Web.] n.d.

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Highs: Excellent detail and molding. Clear and tinted lenses for head and brake lights.
Lows: No instructions about the tricky process of revealing the engine.
Verdict: An excellent new model of a new semi tractor type.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 301459
  Suggested Retail: $15 (12.50 €)
  Related Link: Antos series
  PUBLISHED: Nov 17, 2012

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