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First Look Review
HO scale
Scania R Streamline Semitruck
Scania R Streamline Topline Refrigerated Semitrailer ''Röhlich''
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

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RailRoad Modeling

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Scania R Streamline Topline Refrigerated Semitrailer ''Röhlich''
Mfg. ID: 302654
Collection: CARS&TRUCKS
Category: New release
Brochure: Specials 2013 / 07-08
Series: Shipping company

This review is of a Herpa New Release - a rigid two-axle new Scania R Streamline Topline refrigerated box semitrailer of the forwarder Röhlich.
    Scania has given its success model of the R series a facelift. The front body corners were changed, the sun shield slightly modified and the chassis adapted to Euro 6 norm.

Herpa has released versions with Topline, Highline, and standard cabs.

Scania R Topline
Scania R-series compete in the premium 44-ton class with competitors including the Mercedes Actros and Volvo FH. R-series have been successful for the company which has followed up with this newly refined model.
    The Scania R-series is designed to meet the highest demands in the world regarding fuel economy, driver appeal and reliability.*

Equipped with the Scania Opticruise electro-hydraulic automated gearchanging system - with or without a clutch - the updated R-series is powered by many engines of 9-, 13- and 16-litre displacement. This version has the 13-litre Scania DC13 124 450 Euro 6 engines of 450 hp. That powerplant can be paired with gearbox powertrain packages of 8 1-speed range-change, 12-speed range-splitter, 6-speed automatic. Those systems are mounted atop frames of riveted steel construction with four height clearances. Three strengths are available: Standard duty, Heavy-duty and Extra heavy-duty frames. Brakes are applied with disc brakes, now standard, while drum brakes can be specified for more rugged tasks. Keeping the ride smooth are two- and four-spring air suspension or steel parabolic and multi-leaf springs. Those support 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-axle vehicles which boast a selection of front, rear and fixed and steered tag axles.

Large fuel tanks have integrated steps to the catwalk. To increase space and to enhance traction when not pulling a load the batteries are rear-mounted.

Several types of cabs are available: Short cabs, Day cabs, Sleeper cabs, Special cabs (Low-entry; CrewCab; Long CrewCab). The R Topline is on this model.
    This top-range Scania cab can be equipped to the highest standards for operators who demand the most practical and prestigious vehicle. Available with either V8 or inline engines.*

Additionally, Scania offers their Driver Support Systems: Active Prediction; Brake Assist; Driver Support; Lane Departure Warning; Adoptive Cruise Control; Camera System.

Scania R Streamline Topline Refrigerated Semitrailer "Röhlich"
This New Release is packaged in a red Herpa end-opening carton with a cellophane display window. Inside a custom plastic cradle holds the model safely, plus two sprues of four mirrors. Herpa even included a small instruction sheet showing how to tip the cab to reveal the engine - something usually absent in previous Herpa packages I have reviewed.

This model is expertly molded and assembled. Except for the optional mirrors the model is factory assembled. I did not find any noticeable flash, burrs, sink marks, ejector circles, or mold seam ridges. Surface finish is smooth and detail is both recessed and raised, as appropriate. Herpa chromed the wheel hubs.

Herpa used clear and tinted clear plastic to simulate lenses for head and brake lamps and most signals. Running lights atop the cab are printed on. Under the model is a detailed chassis. Atop the chassis is a detailed cab with interior. Soft plastic tires hold the model up.

The trailer has a tab that locks in the fifth-wheel. The trailer does not have any "action" parts except that the landing gear can be extended when the trailer is off the tractor. Like on the tractor model the wheels of the undercarriage are soft plastic with chromed hubs. A nice spare tire and cage are included.

Underneath this semitruck is a detailed chassis: frame; axles; suspension; drive shaft; transmission; engine bottom; battery box; fuel tanks; exhaust pipe. That pipe would look better if it were molded with a concave end, a minor characteristic yet noticeable. Many modelers may choose to drill it out. The rear of the frame features the bright yellow caps of found on this semitractor. The front axle can be made to steer if you acquire an Herpa steering kit. Around chromed wheel hubs are soft tires with fine tread detail.

Above is the cab with the Scania grille reaching up to the combing around the windshield. Fine wipers are molded on. Black door handles are tabs holding the cab interior inside the cab shell. The interior features detailed seats, dashboard and consoles, steering wheel and control details.

Optional mirrors can be attached to the cab. Two side mirrors and corner mirrors fit into molded mounting holes. These pieces are very small and require finesse to attach. It is difficult to attach the corner mirror to the sunscreen.

What's inside?
Would you like to see the 450 hp 13-litre Scania DC13 124 450 Euro 6 engine? The instruction sheet guides you to push open the lower grille from the inside. Then you can gently pull up and forward the rear of the cab, which unsnaps two stakes from the chassis. The cab can tilt forward and you can see the powerplant.

If you want to detail the cab interior with a driver and DOT stickers, you can unseat the cab hinge from the frame and unseat the interior from the cab shell. I have done this on several Herpa trucks and it takes some slow and methodical effort to do so without marring the exterior.

livery and finish
This Herpa model finish is top-notch. It is mainly molded in color. Painted markings are smooth and opaque. Some are chromed. Running lights atop the cab are printed on. Badges and emblems and logos are sharply printed on with paint or chrome. None are decals - Herpa does not use decals.

Keep in mind the scale while you read the writing: Ich rauche nicht, ich stinke nicht, und trotzdem mag mich keiner! (I do not smoke, I do not stink, and still nobody likes me!)! Was Sie wollen bringt's ins Rollen (What you want brings it rolling). The miniscule Röhlich logo above the grille, and the elaborate crowned eagle behind the cab windows.

Closing thoughts
This new Scania R Streamline Topline Refrigerated Semitrailer "Röhlich" is an impressive model. It features excellent molding and assembly. The level of detail is very high. A detailed cab interior and engine is installed. Chassis detail is good and the soft tires have good tread detail. Herpa uses clear and tinted plastic to simulate lenses.

Criticism is difficult to find: the stubbed end of the exhaust pipe and difficultly with attaching the corner mirror to the sunscreen. Running lights atop the cab are printed on.

This new model is very impressive. I recommend this model for modern HO railroad layouts, collectors of modern semis, an fans of Scania trucks.

Please tell vendors and retailers that you saw this model here - on RailRoadModeling.

†. Herpa

*. Scania Group. R-series. [Web.] 2013.
Highs: Excellent molding and assembly with a very high level of detail, a cab interior and engine is installed. Chassis detail is good and the soft tires have good tread detail. Herpa uses clear and tinted plastic to simulate lenses. Excellent livery.
Lows: Running lights atop the cab are printed on. The stubbed end of the exhaust pipe is not hollow.
Verdict: I recommend this model for modern HO railroad layouts, collectors of modern semis, an fans of Scania trucks.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: HO Scale
  Mfg. ID: 302654
  Suggested Retail: 29.50€ / $40.00
  Related Link: Scania R-series
  PUBLISHED: Nov 02, 2013

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