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1. Gunstar from 'The Last Starfighter' [ 31,388 ]
by: Duncan Scott
2. Scale Model World 2010 [ 19,921 ]
by: Andy Brazier
3. Tripwire [ 17,158 ]
by: Bruce D
4. Maschinen Krieger Anti Gravity Fighter Falke [ 16,572 ]
by: Hellhound
5. X-Wing Fighter [ 13,847 ]
by: Marco Sari
6. Finemolds Tie Fighter [ 13,724 ]
by: Jim Shearer
7. IPMS Scale Model World 2008 [ 13,413 ]
by: Andy Brazier
8. Star Wars Rancor [ 12,138 ]
by: Scott Lodder
9. 1/35 Dustbuster [ 12,122 ]
by: Michael Fichtenmayer
10. Tchernobyl, exclusion zone [ 11,839 ]
by: Jean-Bernard André

Matthew Quiroz has sent in some wonderful pictures of his truly inspiring Fantastical Fish. >> READ MORE

The recent Steam-punk campaign produced some very good and well thought out models. Here are the finished entries. >> READ MORE

Bruce D (meaty_hellhound) has sent us a great feature on his post apocalyptic scene, titled Tripwire. >> READ MORE

Andy Brazier has sent in some pictures of the recent Scale Model World show held in Telford, England. >> READ MORE


Matthew Quiroz has sent us some great pictures of his scratchbuilt Porcupine Probe. >> READ MORE

My mate Marmite! Hellhound describes how he created the superb weathered finish on his 1:20 Hasegawa Falke using... yes, Marmite! >> READ MORE

Guillermo Centeno takes us through the process of building the master for his up and coming kit, The Neb. >> READ MORE

Knight models 70mm Luke and Yoda vignette. >> READ MORE


Behind the Curtains at Bandai
by: Maker World
Take a trip into the wonderful manufacturing hub of Bandai's Star Wars model series. You may think manufacturing models is an automatic process handled by robots, but in fact, it requires the superb craftsmanship of a team of experienced model makers.    >> READ MORE

Star Destroyer Redu - Part 1
by: Randy Cooper
Randy is well known in sci-fi scratch-building corner of the web, but we thought it would be nice to highlight this recent project on a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer measuring 42 inches (107cm) in length.    >> READ MORE

Imperial Star Destroyer Take-down!
by: kostas
Kostas Katseas stirs the fantasy waves with his latest mini-diorama of the US Naval fleet taking down an Imperial Star Destroyer and then trying to avoid the inevitable.   >> READ MORE

Stellar Star Trek Starship Bridge
by: Ronald Seipel
Ron started with the AMT/ERTL 1/32 kit of the Enterpcrise Bridge from the original Star Trek TV series1960's and greatly enhanced it. Lighting up the controls and adding the bridge outer hull completely transforms the kit into a unique display piece.   >> READ MORE

by: Anthony Hughes
ALIEN made audiences cringe in 1978 and along with Star Wars premiering the previous year, they played a major role in cementing science fiction as the next great film genre. This Polar Lights resin kit build with lights was built by Anthony 'Ant' Hughes    >> READ MORE

David Wood's MAiM Front46 Vignette
by: David Woods
David Woods (dwartist) assembled and painted a few kits from Modern Armies in Miniature's 1/35 "Front 46" product line and arranged them in a stunning vignette. Thanks, David!   >> READ MORE

The Mysterians: The Moguera
by: Mike Maynard
Michael Maynard (Superchief) brings us his custom diorama of "The Mysterians: The Moguera." Thanks, Michael!   >> READ MORE

Freighter USS Antares
by: Duncan Scott
Duncan shows us a side of Star Trek not typically seen by viewers. A ship referenced but not seen in the original series but given a form in the effects updated Star Trek: Remastered series.    >> READ MORE

Schaft Enterprise Type 8FF Labor
by: Dizzyfugu
An original design from Dizzyfugu, a.k.a Thomas, from Germany; a'Labor' from the universe of the Japanese anime Patlabor. Thomas provides a detailed description of his kitbashing as well as a backstory for this mecha.   >> READ MORE

by: Shawn Bourbeau
Shawn has allowed us to post some of his latest work. This is his first Ma.k universe kit as well as his first Wave kit and 1/20 scale kit.   >> READ MORE